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Repeating Time Triptych, Pen on Paper, Each 28 x 22 in. If you follow my artist accounts on social media (e.g. Instagram: @micsartstudio & Snapchat: DM me if you ever want that username) you’ll know I’ve spent the last two and a half weeks working on a triptych, using pen on paper. I wanted to create something that was meaningful to me in that it had a concept - something I felt a lot of my artwork from the last year has been severely lacking. Below are the three pieces. I apologize for the poor photographic quality, I’ll be investing in a proper camera soon (and experimenting with photography after the fact of course).
What you probably wouldn’t find on my artist social media accounts (actually if you looked hard enough you’d figure it out) is something people that only know me very well would know which is my favorite concept to work with - Time. In high school I became massively obsessed with the concept of time and its implication on our lives as well as different philosophical thoughts/ideas that revolve around time. While not my inspiration for this piece, the works that sparked my interest in time were most notably “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” by Milan Kundera and “The Four Quartets” by T.S. Eliot. In the last year I’ve been introduced to the independent film “It’s such a beautiful day” by Don Hertzfeldt (it's available on Netflix!) which brought me back to my old, but not forgotten, obsession with time and the way we allocate it. It is a must see film. It reveals and really emphasizes the mundane daily affairs we do without thinking about them; while we let time pass by apathetically. It’s not a focus on how fast time passes but rather on how we all use our time in a rather similar fashion, following the same skeleton of a life path. Like most good ideas/thoughts, this scared me and made me uncomfortable (which is a good thing in itself, as it’s motivational to not follow that skeleton of a path). In this piece I attempted to portray the repetition of daily tasks, but not naively or in a positive light. The character knows what is happening and hence, appears uncomfortable, even sickly in some aspects. The character’s emotions are further shown through the strong contrast in shading and most notably the aggressive texture created by a specific style of pen strokes. That mostly sums it up. I could (and would love to) go into more detail on the concept used here, so feel free to contact me to discuss it if you so desire. On another note, I haven’t really taken advantage of my blog here on my website since I’ve created it and am going to soon be making it a personal goal to create more and more material for it in the near future. Stay tuned and have a wonderful (unique) day. Love, Kayla