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Check out the ebook for "The Pit" on Amazon by clicking this text! Check out the progress of making the illustrations for The Pit on my instagram (click icon at the bottom of this page) or like MKlepton's FB page (click on this text) to see our upcoming work this summer!
Creating The Pit “The Pit” is a collection of poems that account experiences had at four different EDM shows in Minneapolis, Minnesota,USA. Each of these poems has an illustration that goes to further explain the experiences it describes. Illustration style The style chosen was pen line-art. The intention was for the line art to look like it had been done with pen and paper, despite being done digitally. This was achieved through various types of brush tools on the Procreate app using an Ipad-Pro. Each illustration took roughly twelve to fifteen consecutive hours to complete. They were meant to appear partly surreal and psychedelic, like a mixed modern genre of sorts. There is a focus on the "unreal" hence the surrealist aspects, due to the disruptions of reality one would encounter under the influence of the various drugs mentioned in the poems along with being in such a high pace, loud, confusing and crowded environment. MK Lepton Each illustration and poem in the book is listed as being by MK Lepton. This character represents both Maxwell Kuschel, the original poet, and myself (As an artist, I go by both Mic or Kayla), who did the illustrations for the book. The name was derived from the poet’s initials and the subatomic particle leptons, which do not feel the strong force. Meaning they do not feel the strong force, not swayed by anything else other than their own interactions. The name was chosen because the artist MK Lepton isn’t meant to be in one genre, one form of art, but rather really anything Maxwell and I decide it becomes. Therefore this character was not created just for the book but will continue to release various forms of art through different media. After the release of “The Pit” MK Lepton will be collaborating with other artists to create an EP about pulsars. There will also be upcoming pieces that focus on describing and introducing the character of MK Lepton such as short animated clips and various digital paintings/drawings.